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At Mark 1 Fire Solutions, we can take the responsibility off your hands and ensure that the appropriate fire protection in implemented in your building and certified. We understand the importance of making sure your building complies to regulations and obligations.

Mark 1 Fire Solutions is third party accredited by the IFC and our experienced team have the skills and equipment to guarantee your systems are fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We regularly update our training and keep updated with any changes manufacturer’s make.

We are committed to making sure all of our clients’ sites are accomplishing the maximum safety standards possible.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

No as third party installers we are licensed only to certify works completed by an engineer of Mark 1 Fire

If we did not install the door set then we would only be giving certification for the products added to that door leaf/frame. This shows that they have been installed in accordance to the installation guide which comes with the product.

We would only install ironmongery to a door set if it had the correct test data/evidence and that it was suitable for that particular fire door set.

We at Mark 1 fire would allow for maintenance engineers to replace ironmongery on our door sets as long as they are like for like products which coincide with the O&M manual provided and they make us aware of the changes so we can update our records for the door set

This is advised as a fire door installation that at the time of install would have satisfied the current standards applicable to fire resisting door sets. We as third party installers would not be able to offer any certification as there would be no test evidence to say what we upgrading or changing is correct. In order for full traceability and certification we fully recommend to all out clients that full replacement is the best course of action.